The grass is greener..

The higher the salary, the more responsibilities you get. Such is the price to pay. Some people have all the luck, to have a job where they can lay around all day yet still get paid. Then again.. their brain will rot slowly and they’ll get too complacent, too comfortable. This world throws random stuff at you and if you’re not ready for it, down the shitter you go.

Yes the world is beautiful, but that depends from which angle you’re looking at it. When I was but a noob in the industry, being an editor was all I wanted to be. Well, I’m sort of there already and being one is not all it’s cracked up to be. Still.. gotta be grateful for what you have.

New Year. New Job. New Hobbies.

Thongchai Jaidee of Thailand at the recent Maybank Malaysian Open 2014

Thongchai Jaidee of Thailand at the recent Maybank Malaysian Open 2014

Well, this is awkward. I was supposed to write about my most recent trip to the UK, Europe etc. Why haven’t I you ask? Well, technology is not as reliable as we all think. I almost, and I mean ALMOST had the memory card which held all my Eurotrip photos wiped from existence. After that psychological (and a little of emotional) trauma, I’ve put that on hold until I make 10,000 backups of the photos.

In the meantime, let me share a new hobby of mine: Golf. Continue reading

Still here. Still alive.

The Blues Bar @ Carnaby Street, London.

Nothing But The Blues Bar @ Carnaby Street, London.

In case anyone is wondering, I’m still in the UK right now. Just got back from Europe and am so tired.

It’d be much easier to write about my entire trip on my PC so I’ll get right to it when I get home!

For now, here’s a photo I took earlier at a cool little place called ‘Nothing But The Blues Bar’ on Carnaby Street. There was a young duo playing folk music and they brought out of me an interest for the genre I never thought I had. Anyways, the full story will have a video I took of them.

Cheerio for now!

Real life. Real people.


A photo of Petaling Street a.k.a. China Town in Malaysia. Photo taken by yours truly.

I’ve always been impressed with those who make a living by travelling and taking photos. It may look glamorous but a few of them assured me that it’s far from that.

Still.. Documenting human environments, behaviour, and authenticity is something I find very interesting and enjoyable. And a life behind a camera lens seems quite cozy. Maybe one day I’ll have the time and resources to do so.

We, The Daydreamers

A typical introvert pastime

A typical introvert pastime

Am I an introvert? Yes.

Am I shy? anti-social? stuck up? No.

Introversion is a social preference. Being an introvert myself, I strongly disagree with the myths that float around saying I’m rude and don’t like people. On the contrary, I love making new friends. Without the ones I have now, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Our opposites, the extroverts, are like Chinese firecrackers in a library. Yes they are loud, spontaneous, more expressive, and most of them just can’t shut up. Yet, we need them or we’ll starve from not having anything on our social plate. Continue reading

Sibling Rivalry

The sister.

Two space peas in a space pod

The best friend you’ll ever have, or ever need for that matter, is your sibling. No matter what differences you may have, they’re very much a part of you as you are a part of them. You and your best buddy could slice palms and shake hands all you want but there will still be more blood shared between you and your sister/brother. Continue reading

London Calling

Gloom is not necessarily doom

Gloom is not necessarily doom

Flight is just two weeks from today and I still have not renewed my passport T_T. Also going to Paris and Amsterdam which will be a new experience for me.

Hopefully the trip will inspire me to write more. Plus, still waiting for the offer letter from Mongoose Publishing.. Big step in my career.

From writer to editor. What happened to the junior/assistant editor phase? God, I hope I’m ready for the responsibility.

Time to read up on being an editor and what it entails. Anyways, who wants stuff from London? I’ll do my best with my budget to bring back goodies!

Explore Newness

My quest to do or learn something NEW as often as I can!

The Introverted Lindy Hopper

Life as an introvert at social dances

Life Out of the Box

Buy a product, help a person in need + see your impact.


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